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So you made a decision on what it is that you're interested in doing within the ecosystem of development. Great, this is just the beginning of endless avenues you could take to be successful in the field of action. Learning how to code and build the skills necessary to get the job done is a fantastic accomplishment as an email developer but should you stop there? In my opinion, the answer is absolutely not. Let's talk about it and touch on some subtle but important things that could enhance your current and future opportunities in this career.

Email Marketing Specialist

I've noticed a shift in the job market that's becoming more frequent. Email Developer titles are trending in the direction of Email Marketing Specialists. This is actually not a bad thing for an email developer and is something that should have you excited! This puts someone who knows how to create templates (from scratch if needed) into a position of growth and value, I'll elaborate.

Understand that I didn't say that it would be easy!

Building emails is a good skill to have and being that we're in a field of continuous learning, it's a piece of the puzzle of the big picture. The picture is understanding how email marketing works. Before that, understand that there's no such thing as a dumb question. So what is email marketing? There are many ways to reach your customers when selling products and email is something that's still thriving here in 2022. Email Marketing is an informative process that lets your customers know important details about certain products, sales, and details relating to your brand. The point is to keep the targeted customers engaged creatively while valuing purchases in the process.



Forecasting is beneficial to businesses but you need data in order to accomplish certain predictions for your company. Creating campaigns is a way to email customers with call-to-action (CTA) incentives, reminders, or purchase options. This can be done periodically over the course of a few weeks or whenever the strategic goal is set. A few examples of these types of emails are:

  • Promotional Emails

  • Newsletter Emails

  • Transactional Emails

  • Re-Engagement Emails - We Miss You!

There's much more that goes into campaigns but understand that the ultimate goal is to effectively build with potential customers through your targeted audience with the goal of converting them.

Sales Funnels

Somewhere out there in the world, you have the perfect product for a potential customer. The only problem is that they aren't aware of what you have to offer, yet! Stages to accomplish the goal of potentially having a customer and converting that customer

  • Awareness: they now know something about your business and have access

  • Interest: if it's something that relates to and benefits their need

  • Decision: they now start researching all avenues for answers

  • Action: if all things align then we move forward. If not, a pivot is needed

A/B Testing

This is where the user experience and user interface functionality can play a big role in return for your products. From a developer's perspective, things like font hierarchy, color palates, and positioning of CTA links play a vital role. The data accumulated in testing different template designs give you an understanding of what style or UI is the most accurate toward success.

Opt-in Forms & Landing Pages

A way of gaining more awareness is having a landing page with a form that's visible on a landing page for the user to fill out if interested. Another way is to have a modal appear prior to the user trying to exit the page. I have an example of a landing page that I built using that sequence in my portfolio, the link is at the bottom in the outro.


In all essence, this just reinstates that you remain professional throughout your encounters with current or future customers

  • No misleading information - different emails accounts from the same source

  • The link to opt out of the email has to be visible

  • Cannot violate the recipients with any inappropriate emails

Email Segmentation

Relevancy is really important when it comes to engagement. Reducing the number of email subscribers into specific categories creates a more feasible approach to catering to your customer's preferences. These strategies become important in understanding the location, history of purchases, customers that aren't interested anymore, etc.


I've gone over a few topics yet there's much more in great detail regarding the ones mentioned and not mentioned. Utilizing tools like the framework Zurb Foundation and Mailchimp are great resources you could get great information from. I'll be sure to create more content in the near future meanwhile I have my portfolio Desi Steib - Email Developer where I display the a few emails and landing pages utilizing a modal to capture emails with Javascript. I welcome respectable feedback and you're welcome to share this article.

Continue to grow and never give up.