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My experience becoming a developer


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Hello, I'm Desi, an Email Developer | Web Developer. I've always been a self-sufficient person who rarely if at any point wanted to ask anyone for help "Insert Self-Taught Web Developer" and my life hasn't been the same since. It always starts with curiosity, well with me that's how it began. Fast forward to this current moment. I now understand the value of help, tools, and the utilization of resources now more than at any point in my life. My goal is to touch on a few topics and elaborate a little on my thoughts and experience of things that may help benefit someone currently or in the future. If I touch on a topic that you would like to know more about, feel free to leave a comment and I'll make it the main topic at some point in the future.

disclaimer - These are just my thoughts and suggestions from my journey


It's Like A Jungle Sometimes

First and foremost, congratulations to you for committing and pursuing your journey of accomplishing your goal of being a developer. Starting something is just as important as having the discipline of following through to the end. Yes, starting out it feels like you get dropped off right in the middle of the jungle. We're going to omit all of the dangers that include and focus solely on navigation. My suggestion is to have a seat. That's right, have a seat right there in the middle of the jungle and assess yourself before you run in any direction.

  • Ask yourself who am I? literally
  • Can I sit in front of a computer for X amount of hrs a day consistently?
  • Am I willing to sacrifice my friends, family, and at times weekends to be successful at this?
  • Do I often compare myself to someone else frequently?

After your assessment and you decide the direction that you want to partake in. Stick with that decision understanding that it's all about the Basics. Learn the basics, and don't skip steps. The basics build concepts and the concepts grow into understanding the utilization of the tools which create efficiency.

Internet Presence

This is something that I avoided for a while and can be one of the more important things that help you in the immediate future. Social proof is what they call it. Regardless of how much you feel you don't know at this point and time, think about how much you do know and discredit yourself. Imagine spending hours learning skills, building a portfolio that looks nice, and having relevant projects for a job opportunity. Rebutting factor is that your name isn't out there on the internet gaining experience that benefits your future in the tech industry. Truth is that you never know when or where your opportunity can or will come. It can come from something as simple as creating a blog!

Continue to grow and never give up.